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Event report

If we had had a crystal ball, the event would have been held a week earlier, during an unusually warm and sunny late February. However, the weather on the actual day chosen, 2nd March 2019, was kindly enough for this city in Northern Germany which tends to get its weather more or less straight off the North Sea. The final tally of participants for this event, designed as an opportunity for people working with German and English from the UK and Germany to meet up, was 17.

We started at a restaurant in a bucolic part of Hamburg – yes indeed, such areas do exist in this expanding port city of some 1.8 million. Before lunch everyone briefly introduced themselves to the group and the conversation before, during and after lunch was animated. A short walk took us through the Jenisch Park to the building housing some of Ernst Barlach’s best works. Ernst Barlach was a sculptor who, in common with many of Germany’s foremost artists, was labelled “degenerate” by the Nazi regime. Remarkably, much of the artwork has survived, perhaps there were always people unwilling to destroy art, however badly looked upon. Our guide was one of those wonderful ladies who can impart their enthusiasm for their subject to others. She pointed out so many subtle details and gave so much background detail that our appreciation of the works was greatly enhanced – we could have listened for hours, but sadly, we had only booked an hour and the ferry was waiting at the bottom of the hill. After the ferry boats had taken us down the Elbe River we approached the Elbphilharmonie from the water. This new concert hall, the City’s new and treasured iconic landmark, was raised on top of a derelict red brick warehouse and its irregular shimmering white peaks, like the top of a meringue pie, loom even higher from the water’s edge. At the point where the new building is joined to the old (gutted and refurbished with rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms etc. etc.) is a vast plaza which people can walk all the way around: It offers spectacular views of the river, port installations and the city centre. If you know where to look, you can see the start of the (in)famous Reeperbahn. By this time, the group was somewhat depleted due to other commitments or train times so we said our goodbyes and made our separate ways back home.

Call for new members for the German Society

The organisers, Angela Weckler and Jadwiga Brobrowska, are stepping down from the German Society committee in September and appealed to participants to consider playing an active role in the Germany Society by taking a place on the committee. Please contact to find out what being a committee member involves.

Join the German Society for a networking lunch at a traditional Hamburg fish restaurant (at own expense). Vegetarian options are also available.

Lunch will be followed by a trip to the Ernst Barlach Haus, a private museum located in Jenischpark (the oldest landscaped park in Hamburg). Ernst Barlach was a German expressionist sculptor, printmaker and writer, well known for his anti-war creations during the 1930s. The day will conclude at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall where there is a 360 degrees viewing platform (37 metres above ground level) that extends around the building.


11:45     Meet at the restaurant for lunch
13:30     Leave for the museum
14:30     Arrive at Ernst Barlach Haus for guided tour
16:30     Leave for the Elbphilharmonie
17:00     Arrive at the viewing plaza


Please email Jadwiga,, with your confirmation of attendance by Saturday 2 February 2019.

Save the date

This year’s study weekend will be held on the 20-22 September 2019 at King’s Lynn; the theme being ‘The Hanse Reloaded’. Attendees can pre-register for this event by emailing Jadwiga.

March 2nd, 2019 11:45 AM   to   6:00 PM
H5162, WC1X 8BG
United Kingdom
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