German Society Study Weekend 2016: Weimar

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Dr Ulrike Müller-Harang opened Saturday with an interesting talk on British visitors to Weimar and explored the ways in which interactions took place during that time. This was followed by a discussion, taken by Robert Muscutt, about the three months Mary Ann Evans spent in Weimar (prior to her writing novels that would soon make her famous). Linda Mayne then gave her own view of Mary Ann Evans and traced the connections between members of her own family and events that happened in Evans‘ lifetime.

The German Society then celebrated their 30th anniversary with a lunch at the Gasthaus zum Weißen Schwan. Judith Ridgway, a member of the CIOL Council, spoke briefly before the meal and conveyed greetings from the Institute, with congratulations to the German Society.

Attendees concluded the study weekend with a sightseeing tour and lunch. 

The German Society continues its annual Study Weekend, this time with a visit to Weimar.

As with each year, a get-together will take place in a restaurant on the Friday evening.

On Saturday, a meeting will take place in Villa Altenburg, home to Franz Liszt during his time in Weimar. The topic is 'British visitors to Weimar across the ages', with talks by Dr. Müller-Harang of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, author and scholar Robert Muscott, and Linda Mayne of the George Eliot Fellowship (the author being one of the illustrious visitors to Weimar. Robert has also kindly agreed to take us on a walking tour of Weimar to places mentioned in George Eliot's journal. Dr. Müller-Harang's talk will be in German, but an English translation will be available. Those attending will be asked for a small contribution (to be announced) towards the cost of the weekend.

A contingent of rooms has been reserved at the Hotel Anna Amalia, Geleitstrasse 8-12, Tel. +49 (0) 3643 49560 (email). It will be held for us until 31 March 2016. Double rooms cost €105 a night (including breakfast), plus a municipal visitors' tax of €1.50 per person per night. Single rooms cost €79 a night (including breakfast), plus a municipal visitors' tax of €2 per person per night. The reference for booking rooms from the contingent is 'Linguists'. Please also notify the hotel if you require a parking space in their garage, which has only a limited number of spaces.

Anyone seeking alternative accommodation is advised to consult the Weimer Tourist Office website or a booking website.

For full details of the weekend and to register, please contact German Society Treasurer. Priority registration for German Society members is open up to 15 March 2016.


September 9th, 2016 7:00 PM   to   September 11th, 2016 12:00 PM
W560, WC1X 8BG
United Kingdom
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